Yngvarr dies when he’s like 16/17 on his second raid out with his brothers and father an everyone with an arrow through the chest

Gulbrandr dies after a really harsh winter when he is 6 and he gets really ill along with Eydis and Aleifr after they were put in charge of watching him so Porfridr could keep little Siegsteinn away from the sick

But both situations were so hard because both parent and siblings had to be there to watch hopelessly as their little ones died weh

Would be equally worse for when a twin dies weeeehh

Yngvarr and Gulbrandr for sure at some point die very young, before maturity

And one of the twins too but im not sure which one yet or how

There are deaths in Arvid and Porfridr’s lil family im gomen

Leone has a really frightening memory. She can just scan over something for a couple seconds before she’d have it memorized which is why she never has to look away from coding or hacking because its always just running and going through her head.

Laughs im still safe i only have you 2 nerds following this shit ah yes